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The Spark*Connection Story

Posted by erikavs at 10:00 AM on May 29, 2016


Imagine two young idealistic Sydney freelancers who are ambitious in their chosen fields but have a strong social ethic. They are working with some of the biggest multinationals in Australia, trying to produce works that will excite and be sympathetic to the needs of the user, but and more also reflect their core values. This of course becomes a situation ripe for failure and exploitation by the multinationals. They can ask for more, push the boundaries of what can be delivered while always reducing the monetary compensation.

By chance these two freelancers meet an experienced but retired wealthy businessman. He is excited by the quality of their work and decides to collaborate in a unique way. He offers stewardship and represents them in meetings but does not interfere in the day to day management of their work. It is liberating for the freelancers and they feel that there is someone looking out for them, that they can now negotiate with the multinationals with confidence, while they continue to produce the work that they aspire too.

Many years later they find themselves in Coffs Harbour, a small regional centre that attracts retirees and young families due to its location, its pristine environment and the opportunities it affords for those seeking a balanced lifestyle out of the city. With their wealth of experience they quickly become involved in a wide range of projects, with community groups, small businesses and new and exciting ventures with the local entrepreneur scene. Interestingly, they also encounter many recent retirees looking to work in the innovation sector or simply to collaborate on projects with others, seeking out social contact and activity.

What they observe in this melting pot of creatives and non-professionals is a lack of a credible guidance that they had experienced when working in Sydney. Here, opinions are easily offered by the non-informed to entrepreneurs looking to create a new business. New business owners seeking guidance will google answers, scouring blogs for advice or looking to recent articles in the news media. Often this leads to confusion and procrastination, the entrepreneur is wary of what path to take and is looking for a spark to guide them forward.

The difference between their freelance years in Sydney, guided by an informed businessman, and what they experience in this regional area is stark.

They know that a wealth of life and work experience exists, it’s just a matter of providing a way for these young entrepreneurs to tap into this knowledge bank.

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